Brown Mustard

Brown Mustard seeds (Brassica juncea) are also known as Sarson, Rai, or Dijon. These seeds are about 2-3 millimeters in size, prized for their distinctive flavour and commonly used in Indian cuisine. Brown mustard has a more delicate flavour than black mustard. It’s grown more than the black because its seeds are smaller and easier to harvest. The black and brown have the strongest flavours of the three types. Mustard is meticulously cleaned to specific buyer’s standards. A significant portion is processed into condiments as well as mustard flour, which is an ingredient in many sauces and dressings.

Yellow Mustard

Yellow Mustard (Sinapis alba). Canadian yellow mustard serves a wide range of applications, including dry milling for flour, wet milling for mustard pastes, and whole ground seed for spice mixes, meat and other food products. Dry-milled flour is used for condiments and as an ingredient in compounded products. The extracted seed hulls are a valuable by-product used for thickening and stabilization in mustard and other prepared foods. Yellow mustard can also be ground for use as an ingredient in the prepared meat industry. It serves two purposes; it contributes to total protein and the gelling of the mucilage increases water absorption into the product, which provides enhanced economy and improved efficiency in the smooth moulding of shaped products.


Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) is also known as Dhania. Coriander is an annual herb that belongs to the carrot family. All parts of this plant are used in cooking. The leaves known as Cilantro are used in Middle Eastern and Mexican cooking; the roots are used in Thai recipes and the seeds are used both in their whole, cracked form or ground form. The cracked and ground seeds are essential ingredients in curries.


Caraway (Carum carvi). This seed is used whole as a spice and also to produce caraway oil. The seeds, which have rhe flavour of licorice, are used in rye bread, potato soup, cheese spread, sauerkraut, salad dressings and in liqueurs – Kummel and Schnapps. The seeds and oil are used in a number of medicinal preparations for treating disorders such as rheumatism, eye infections and toothaches. Other uses include fragrances for soaps, creams, lotions, perfumes, and insect repellents.

Red Chillies

Red Chili peppers (Capsicum annum) belong to the nightshade family (Solanaceae). Despite their fiery hotness, red chillies are one of the very popular spices known for their medicinal and health properties. The chilli is a fruit pod from the capsicum plant. It has many varieties that are differentiated based on pungency, which is measured on the Scoville Scale. When ripened and dried, chilli fruit becomes red chilli, which is further ground to form red chilli powder. EXIMPRO supplies dried red chillies and chilli powder from India and other countries.