International Business Consulting

EXIMPRO specializes in providing international business consulting services to entrepreneurs and investors planning to invest and do business in new and emerging markets. Together, we help you identify profitable business opportunities and find value in different markets.

Emerging Market Entry

At EXIMPRO we are familiar with the opportunities, challenges and complexities of doing business in new and emerging markets. We leverage this intimate knowledge of the business landscape to enable you to enter these markets. While it’s true that there may be more risks involved in emerging markets, it is also true that there are greater opportunities. EXIMPRO helps mitigate your risks and maximize your opportunity as we guide you to enter these markets in a planned manner.

International Trade Training

EXIMPRO’s international trade training programs equip our clients with the knowledge and skills to do business in today’s global marketplace. The training is customized to the needs of our clients who range from entrepreneurs and business owners, corporate managers and staff, government officers and industry and business associations

Product & Supplier Sourcing

Through the years EXIMPRO has built and fostered relationships with suppliers, trade promotion agencies, all levels of government and other organizations involved in international trade. We are able to leverage these connections to source for quality products/services and reliable suppliers for importers in new and emerging markets.

Overseas Investments & Acquisition

EXIMPRO guides clients who are considering establishing their own Canadian operation or working with a Canadian partner or gaining a base for access to the lucrative North American market. We specialize in originating, facilitating and structuring mergers and acquisitions between emerging markets and North America. We will provide you with strategic intelligence and a road map to establish your presence in the North American market following which we will provide comprehensive management of your operation.

Trade Financing

EXIMPRO’s trade financing solutions helps our clients, both suppliers and buyers, by providing risk free payment and credit options. For suppliers we facilitate early payment for their goods thus avoiding the complexities and risks of overseas transactions. For buyers we extend credit terms that help their cash flow needs. We also help our clients to access government funding for export growth and promotion activities.