Welcome to EXIMPRO, specialists in international trade and trade services.  We are a Canadian-based international trading company that was founded in 2001 as Exim Promotion Inc., and now operate under our trade name, EXIMPRO. Initially our focus was to deliver international trade training and business consulting to small and medium sized businesses exploring new markets. We successfully trained a diverse set of clients; small businesses, bank employees, government bureaucrats engaged in export promotion and foreign trade representatives among others. Many of our training clients sought our trade consulting services, through which we guided them to explore and enter overseas markets. Some of these clients urged us to undertake exports on their behalf. In 2013 we made a conscious decision to enter into direct exports of products and services. Since then we have helped our clients enter new markets enabling them to increase their sales and improve profits. Find out more about how we can help you and what we do

Core Values

We value honesty, and high ethical standards. We strive for our client’s success & are passionate about growing our clients’ businesses globally.


Our vision is to increase world trade between emerging and advanced economies that will benefit businesses, communities and people across the world


Our mission is to help and support businesses to explore international trading opportunities and expand their sales to new and emerging markets.