Eximpro specializes in the international trade of products and services to new and emerging markets. The increasing affluence of consumers in these markets has created a growing demand for a wide range of products and services. Having done business in these markets, we have built trusting and long-term relationships with buyers in many sectors and are familiar with the opportunities and challenges of selling to these growing economies. We leverage this intimate knowledge of the business landscape to promote and export your products and services to these markets. We help you to increase your sales and profits by enabling you to access these new and emerging markets.

We Build Business Across Borders

We are specialists in international trade and trade services

We guide and help businesses to enter new, emerging and advanced markets across the world. We do this by working closely with our clients, supporting and guiding them through the intricacies of exporting their products and services to these new markets. We are equipped to handle the entire supply chain, from product sourcing to shipping, and warehousing to final delivery.

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We have an intimate knowledge of new and emerging markets


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Helping businesses expand their sales to new and emerging economies

Our expertise is to work with businesses that have proven products or services that are doing well in domestic markets, and help them enter new and emerging markets. Whatever your product or service, we will guide you to enter new markets through our international trade consulting or by directly exporting your goods and services to these markets thus minimizing your risks while maximizing your sales and profits

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